Make your current surveillance system, human detectable.

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Watches Every Moment
Detects Only Human
Sends instant alert with footage
Perfect Results For Human Detection

It is developed and tested especially where variety animals live at urban areas, so it never gives you wrong alarm for animals movement, wind blew or vehicles. If detection is human, it warns you.

Plug And Play

Plug your TamKod box to your actual camera system, adjust respect to user guide and start usage! If you need any help, we can remote control to adjust for you.

Alarm Watching Service Can Sleep, TamKod Never.

TamKod never sleeps, it watches 7/24 for human detection by AI and can send you photos. TamKod is mobile, so you are free to carry and plug it to other camera systems.


Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is TamKod?

Firstly you don’t need to change your actual camera system. We can say that; TamKod is the brain, your actual camera system can be called as eyes. Eyes see and brain makes it meaningful information, same as human Tamkod box converts camera’s visual data to meaningful information.
Outside of your house especially urban areas are full of animals as dogs, cats, birds or strong wind, bikes, cars.. etc .All of them can cause wrong alarms but TamKod never gives false alarms. It certainly detects human and send you photos.

When I adjust TamKod to my actual camera system, video record or remote monitoring function will be same as before?

All functions of your actual camera system will be same. Your recording device will continue and you can continue remote monitoring. Besides, TamKod gives to your actual camera system alarm capability that works properly only with human detection. TamKod is not sensititive to motion or size it directly detects human. So you can be informed very early before any harm is given to your property. 

Where will I plug TamKod and how will I activate alarm system?

You can directly plug Tamkod box to your modem where your actual camera system works. Tamkod box is able to take views from four different cameras at the same time. If you want you can just activate or disactivate alarms of each camera separately.

What is necessary resolution limits of the cameras to work properly with TamKod?

Tamkod box is designed to work properly with even old analog cameras and maximize human detection. Tamkod provide good results with low resolution cameras. Generally in the market cameras have resolution as 720p, 960p and 1080p and Tamkod works perfectly with all of them.

Does the TamKod device distinguish between ip and analog cameras?

It works with both ip cameras and analog cameras.

Can the TamKod device detect human at night?

Along with the night vision light of the cameras, it can detect people at night.

If I can't make the settings, do you provide a solution?

When the TamKod device reaches you, you will connect one end of the cable that will come out of the box to your modem and the other end to the TamKod device, you can adjust the settings by following the manual. However, if desired, we make the settings and complete the setup by connecting remotely to TamKod devices of our customers, who prefer high technology.

There is no product on the market that has the same features of the Tamkod device, I am also hearing the brand for the first time.

If you have doubts about its features, you can buy and try it. If its performance does not satisfy you, you have a choice to place it in the same shipping package and send it back. Your money will be returned to you instantly.

Where else is it necessary to use the TamKod device other than those listed in animation?

We especially thank you for this question that came to us. In order not to extend the animation any longer, we did not add special points for every need. But this can be shaped according to your prediction.

  • For example, suppose you live in a detached house or flat without a garden. In such a case, if you have cameras facing your doors and windows outside the household, you can see the photos of human or people who came to your doors, windows, and you can take precautions without anyone entering.
  • Or suppose you are a working mother. When you go to work, your mind is left with your little child. You don't want it to go to dangerous places like balconies and be overlooked while you are away. When you activate the alarm of the TamKod device with the camera you put on the balcony, you will be immediately aware of the situation and you will be able to warn the person responsible for the care of your child in your home.
What is the difference of TamKod device from many smart cameras?

If anyone says to you that there are many smart cameras, please answer as that let's install the camera and see the result that all kinds of creatures visit.

Because the cameras on the market generate an alarm by looking at everything that moves or the dimensions of what is moving.

Many of them generate alarms during shade changes, rain, snowfall.

Due to false alarms that disturb you, you have to turn off the alarms.

TamKod device, on the other hand, is only sensitive to human and generates the right alarm at the right time.

Besides, you don't have to change your camera system by plugging the Tamkod device into your existing camera system.


What is the warranty process of the TamKod device?

TamKod device is under two years warranty. On the other hand, when you call us, they can be controlled by remote connection. There is no charge for this. However, if the solution cannot be provided, simply put it back in the shipping box and send it to us. Shipping costs are entirely ours. We also undertake that we will return it to you by providing a solution within one day or replacing it with a new one after we receive it.

Why TamKod?

According to them, They are many reasons to prefer TamKod.


 Let's learn the answer from you.



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